Young Harold Ashton

Young Harold Ashton brings his lunch to school
A lunchbox that once belonged to his father, The Jetsons
Peanut butter and jelly
Small carton of milk
Apple slices
Wrapped brownie
One caramel chew
At nap time he rolls out his rug
Buries his head in his hands
Pretends the quiet time is his alone
Eyeing the teacher, his love, as she sits at her desk
The length of her leg
Perhaps five minutes then up again
Rugs away
Blocks on the table
Story time with Miss Jordonson
Snack of crackers and milk
Thompson picks him up at 3 sharp
Bringing him into the back of the limousine
Seat belt buckled
Speeding away into his immensely bright future

© Poem Fix 2013

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