Carnegie Deli

Two half-balding men in loose suits
Eating breakfast with a two-star uniform
Days away from retirement and a bad back
Coffee, half glass of milk, orange juice
Muttering about an Italian man
And a hard working American
An executive from Mexico involved in a ransom scheme
The ties are detectives
Laughing about their wives and the terrible way someone was killed
The air conditioner blows loudly but you don't hear it
Dead-end waiters bicker about what table a customer gets
You be the seater 'cause I'm not seating anyone else
I poke at my cheddar cheese egg white omelet
But tourists at the next table brag about seeing Al Roker
Sharing their digital photos
Gawking at the stars on the wall
My server, Poo, is polite
Offering more coffee, my bill, instructions
Pay cashier but leave tip on table
Got it
The coffee is good
So at least that's something

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