A college teacher
He succumbed several months ago
But I didn't learn the news until today.
I barely knew him.
He smoked,
Was an excellent artist, and
Surrounded himself with a
Bohemian harem of young admirers who wanted
Poetic rub off.
I desired that, too, but
Resented his acceptance and encouragement of
Those who worshiped his prose,
Wanted to sleep with him
To slice off a piece of his minor fame.
I hated him, of course,
Longed for praise that never came,
But I am forever grateful because he taught us
Gabriel García Márquez,
Who made us understand the
Promise and potential
Of life and literature,
And the futility of equaling him.
Rest in peace, Steve.
Thank you and damn you.

© Poem Fix 2012
Photo by Jose Lara

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