Snowy Owl

Photo: Fotografiert von Marcel Burkhard
Bird watching isn't
About spotting birds
It's finding a father
Who may tread dusty trails with me
Searching for the elusive snowy owl
That remains uncatalogued
We would walk quietly
Shoulder to shoulder
Words barely needed anyway
His consent to find the owl
Was all the love I needed
His binoculars lifted to his eyes
Over there, he said, barely audible
Next to the thing
Him next to me
His cologne
His smile that opened my soul
And while he bird watched
I father watched
I will give up the snowy owl dream
Its black beak and yellow eyes
Its mythical krek-krek call
Its deep recurring song, gawh
All of it, willfully abandoned
But for a sighting of the man

© Poem Fix http;// 2012

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