National Geographic studied
They traced my ancestors back
50,000 years to the Rift Valley in
Northeast Africa.
Withdrawing from the Ice Age.
Stone tools and early art.
My Y-chromosome then migrated north
Through the Middle East
And into southern Europe.
I’m in North America and
Not feeling my roots at all.
I suppose we’re all from Africa if you
Go back far enough.
But I can barely remember what I
Ate for breakfast two days ago
Or why I let my ego get out control yesterday.
Africa thousands of years ago seems distant and
I can't feel it.
But the girl who stuffed me in her closet when I was 12,
That I remember.
That I’d like to change.
I wish I had been brave enough to ask her to
Explore my Y-chromosome.
That would have resonated more
Than a dusty patch somewhere in a distant continent.

© Poem Fix 2012
Illustration by Archaeogenetics

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