Jackson chooses a new town
By driving his car until it dies.
He changes his name to Jake and
Takes a job washing dishes at the sandwich diner
Outside the one-stop-sign town.
He wears a white sleeveless t-shirt
To make his ink visible
And keeps a two-day stubble
Because he's certain the waitress likes it.
She does,
Eying him,
Wondering what brought him to this dusty place
And guessing about his technique and mystery.
She's tired of the same five worn out guys who pursue her over coffee and pie,
And weary of giving in out of necessity and deflated desire.
She goes home with him one night and
Discovers it's only a room in the rent-by-the-week motel,
Barely big enough to hold the bed
Which is all they need.
She pretends to ignore him the next day.
He decides she's not good enough.
So they go on with their desperate lives,
He, catching a ride to a town three stops down the highway,
She, pouring crummy coffee and trying to remember his tattoo,
Both of them caught in a destiny of unfulfilled low living and
High expectations.

© Poem Fix 2012
Image: Robert Lawton

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