Things I Need To Do Today

There are things
I need to do today.
Some are mine,
Others not.
All of them will define me by sunset.
I should be more discriminate with my time,
Not allow a list to absorb my identity,
Deny tasks and driving and spending money
That bleed the day.
What if I had the prescience to know this was to be
My last day?
Such clairvoyance would overhaul every minute.
I reject that.
I am determined not to treat today different.
The simplicity of normal is to be celebrated,
Reserved and preserved as is.
The stop at a hardware store,
Buying nearly ripe bananas,
Dropping off laundry,
Paying bills,
Mowing the lawn,
Cleaning the pool,
All of them so perfect, cherished,
The simple pleasures of living,
Appreciated and prized,
Welcomed accomplishment at night,
List completed,
Celebrated with feet up
And a cigar as the sun dips and
Dogs lap at the pool.

© Poem Fix 2012

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