Star Wars Debate

Which one was that?
Where Obi-Wan finds out that Dooku has commissioned all these clones for the army.
Even though it's hush-hush.
And the third one?
That's where Boba Fett gets unleashed.
Where Darth Vader turns into Frankenstein at the end.
The third one is better than Return of the Jedi.
Ewok's suck.
Don't you want to hurl when an Ewok appears?
No, because it's Princess Leia on Endor in her cool speed racer outfit,
And then she's in the Ewok village and her hair is all long.
But you can see the zippers.
So it comes down to which is the best of the worst,
Return or Revenge.
Episode 4 is the best one.
No, Empire by far.
Episode 4 is truly the best because it sets the whole stage.
No one calls it A New Hope,
They tried to force it on us.
But the third one, Revenge, is my second favorite,
The Ewok one is at the bottom.
I think that's where George Lucas became too close friends with Spielberg,
They decided that the way to make real money was to sell plush toys.
If I had to sit down and watch one tonight it would be Empire.
You get The Imperial March melody.
How can you say no to that?
Empire is the one where you see the Red Imperial Guards for the first time.
Is Harrison Ford in them all?
No, just the second three
Or the first three
Depending on how you look at it.

© Poem Fix 2012
With nods to Thomas R, Dave R, Drew G and Mary W
Photo by Piotrus

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