Siblings After Supper

Parents retreat to the living room
Playing Broadway show records,
South Pacific, Carousel, Fiddler
While children clean up after dinner.
The daughter, with rising resentment,
Washes the dishes,
Gazing out the kitchen window at the world and its promise of
Boys and escape.
The oldest son,
Fresh from football victory,
His curled locks combed just so,
Shirtless, joking,
Dries the pans,
Cracks the damp towel near
His sister's rear.
Little middle man clears the table,
The easy job,
Moving the plates to the counter,
Sweeping crumbs into his hand,
Squirting blue on the table and
Wiping the streaks to pass inspection,
Then running upstairs to Jules Verne.
The last, too young for chores,
Getting ready for bed,
Doesn't wonder about injustice,
But hums along to Then You May Take Me to the Fair,
Soundtrack of their lives,
Wafting through the house
With the destined future nostalgia of
Place, time, comfort.

© Poem Fix 2012

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