Six Days

I arrive in the world hopeful,
Wondering what this lifetime will hold
But I already know the
Short time I've been granted.
Hello, they say to me,
And rush me away for
Tests and tensions,
As if they can measure god's intentions.
They give it a name, a defect,
Which is fine if it helps them cope with forces
Beyond their control,
And the consequences of another
Life, world, time.
So be it.
I was told it would be this way,
So it is.
Six days isn't long to experience a world,
But it's ample time to soak up the love I missed before.
I feel a passing sorrow for those who care for me,
Try not to focus on their sadness and pity.
I wish I could tell them it's OK.
They'll understand soon enough.
For now, they experience me as part of their own life contracts,
In the end,
I'm ready when the darkness comes to reclaim me
Because I wasn't gone long.
I allow my parents to mourn for me,
My gift to them,
And then I'm off for another try at healing.

© Poem Fix 2012
Drawing: Leonardo da Vinci

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