Boo-Boo is a bear and a
Small cut or bruise
Easily covered with a Band-Aid.
It's a strange name for a
Cute animal that spends his time
Warning his goofy friend who's always on the
Verge of great mischief.
Yogi is a bear, too,
As are wise meditators from South Asia,
Who seem about as far as possible
From a troublemaking park dweller,
Or a baseball great with clever quips
Who loans his name to the cartoon creature.
The elder bear acts more human than a
Dangerous carnivore.
He mimic's Art Carney's Ed Norton,
Who works the sewers but specializes in
Irritating Ralph,
But the cathode ray tube humans regress to mammals
When they don fuzzy tail hats
To honor their Raccoon Lodge.

© Poem Fix 2012
Image: US National Archives and Records Administration

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