No Election Here

Ask me who I will vote for,
I don't know
As if it matters.
I live in a solid color state
Red, blue, whatever
It's steadfast and colorfast.
My vote will either join a vast already decided majority
Or flap in the wind with a flag and the few who dissent,
Here, we see no candidates or ads
Yard signs are rare
Because the state's already been claimed and abandoned.
There is no election here
Not like a battleground
Where a candidate cries for every vote
Buys it ten times over
Kisses babies
Eats terrible food
Promises and patronizes
As if they will make a difference.
But here, away from the hoopla and gaffes,
We go on with our lives,
Quiet, unassuming.
We've already made up our minds
Unlike the vacillating independents who actually have a say
Who will decide the winner,
The least repulsive of the losers.

© Poem Fix 2012
Photo by Tom Arthur

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