Can I Call You Back?

Mom, I'm at dinner right now.
Can I call you back?
No, really, now's not a good time.
So I'll call you later, OK?
Why would you say that?
Of course I'm not trying to blow you off.
I'm just busy right now.
You heard me say that, right?
It would be rude of me because . . .
No one you would know, Mom.
A friend.
What do you mean what kind of friend?
Oh jeez, really?
Just a friend.
Let's leave it at that for now.
No, Mother, I am not hiding anything.
Nothing's wrong.
Listen, Mom, I'm going to hang up now.
Did you hear me?
You're not listening to me, as usual.
Mom? Mom?
Why are you getting upset?
Your voice, Mom.
I can tell you're upset.
OK then, you're not upset.
No, I haven't heard from Jacqui, not today.
Is that what you needed so desperately to know?
There's nothing bad between us.
I talked to her yesterday,
If you most urgently need to know.
Yes, Mom, I know she's my sister.
Yes, I know she's the only one I have.
Yes, I love her, too.
You don't have to worry.
But I have to go now, Mom.
I really do, OK?
Yes, I promise to call you later.
Yes, I totally promise.
I won't forget.
I love you, too, Mom.

© Poem Fix 2012 
 Image: William Shew

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