Sandy is soaking the country
But my dog wags his tail
To say he wants his walk,
We head into the night
Led by a clear full moon
That conveys harpies
In advance of Halloween,
Half woman half vulture
Clinging to shadows and rooftops
Watching me.
We approach a certain house
That spooks my pet
He whines and pulls on the leash
Trying to get away.
He doesn't like the decorations,
Mock spider web,
A creepy monster propped by the front door.
I tighten the leash and
Move closer for a picture.
I raise my phone,
The creature moves its arm
I'm certain.
A billow of spiked air blows down my neck.
I hustle to the next house,
Eye on the moon,
Movement in the bushes.

© Poem Fix 2012
Photo: Poem Fix

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