Louise says she can still make money
With her body,
That it's a resource that refreshes every day.
You promised, I remind her,
You said you were through with that.
I made her an honest woman
Determined to satisfy
Make her my own
Be good to her.
But her past is overwhelming,
Hanging over us,
She can't let go.
We met that way but I press,
Asking if I don't please her
If my love isn't enough.
She says I'm too much,
Stop working so hard at it,
Reminds me that we're not married.
I think about her all day while I'm
Draining transmissions and repairing flats,
Wondering if she's fallen off the fidelity wagon,
If I'm being selfish.
At night I find a stray sock under the bed.
Not mine, I'm sure.
I want to confront her with it but am afraid
It will decide things.

© Poem Fix 2012
Image:Poem Fix

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