The man next to me on the plane is sleeping
Trapping me in the window seat.
The urge to pee begins to
I work to ignore it and
Refuse a drink from the whispering flight attendant
For fear it will worsen my condition.
I am sure he will wake soon,
Can't snooze coast to coast.
At least he's a quiet sleeper,
No snores,
No drool.
His head, beanie pulled down over his eyes,
Is turned toward me,
Mouth slightly open.
I don't fault him for his rest,
But am annoyed he never turned off his phone,
As if it would actually bring down the plane.
I think about maneuvering over him,
Stepping carefully, balancing, trying not to wake him.
I doubt that will work.
The bathroom open light is illuminated,
Taunting me with promise.
Still, I wait,
My eyes filling,
Staring into my anonymous companion's
Open mouth.

© Poem Fix 2012 
 Photo: Poem Fix

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