At Your Sunset

I am sorry your afternoon is
Moving so slowly. 
Every day is Saturday,
Which sounds wonderful
But leaves you untethered.
I should have called you before
My phone rang today. 
Important news about
Amelia Earhart, and how
Eagle Scouts contribute to society. 
I don't need to read The Journal anymore, because I get the good news from you.
I want you all to get along
When I'm gone, you repeat
For the hundredth time,
And don't fight over things.
OK, I promise.
And when you say you are proud
I file that away to use. 
Your life, so organized and neat,
Now waits for its finish.
Each day filled with 
Anticipation, preparation, wondering, 
Perhaps morbidly hoping, if this will be your last,
And remembering one more box to sort through, label, instruct.
Everything orderly and
In its place.
I will sing Red Sails in the Sunset
At your sunset
And then start my own
Too short wait. 

© Poem Fix 2012
Graphic by Nevit Dilmen

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