The woman cutting my hair is about to be old.
She tells me that her son got out of bed and
Tumbled through the closet door.
He was dizzy, I'm telling you, she says,
Diagnosed with vertigo.
Vertigo, I'm telling you.
He had to take the dog outside,
Which is why he sat up so fast,
And then he just fell into the closet door and
Smashed it in half.
He was also on the way to the bathroom, but
I didn't tell that to the doctor because
That's not my place.
But vertigo?
That's what he has and I wish people understood it.
Is this too short?
Just let me know.
But my son, oh I do everything for him, I'm telling you.
Well, everything except helping him to the toilet,
If you know what I mean.
Oh, don't mind the blood.
I cut myself all the time.
You're looking white all of the sudden.
Do you need some water?

 © Poem Fix 2012
Art by Edo 555

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