When The Earth Dies

In five billion years,
When the Sun turns a red giant,
All the Earth's water will evaporate,
Its atmosphere bleeding into space.
This fate is unavoidable.
But the Earth will be uninhabitable much sooner,
In just one billion years,
Shriveling like a piece of bacon left too long in a pan.
That should be enough time for humans to
Escape the heat and
Complete lack of moisture.
We will have fled
Long before the planet fails to sustain life,
Finding young solar systems to inhabit,
Worlds to conquer,
Loves to smother,
Death to consume,
Art to rise and be forgotten.
And then, in another billion years,
As it was for our ancestors,
We will seek another place to
Spill our seed and grow a race
Destined to repeat itself.

© Poem Fix 2012
Image by B. Jacobs

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