Lebanon, Kansas

The geographic center of the
Lower 48
Is a mile or so north of Lebanon, Kansas, in Smith County,
A quiet piece of private land that was once a
Hog farm.
The owner won't let you near it.
He holds it all to himself
Like Gollum's precious.
A short distance away,
Where US Highway 281 and K-191 meet,
A stone marker and flagpole
Erected by the Lebanon Hub Club
Stand as a substitute for the nation's true continental center,
And nearby a small white fragile chapel
Waits for patriotic lovers.
Lebanon is home to 217 people
Who look out for each other,
Watch for freight on the Kyle Railroad,
Hunt ducks and deer,
Get dolled up at Betty's Beauty Bar,
Stock up on ammo at Higby Bros. Gun Shop, and
Call on Gary Thompson for insurance and real estate.
These deeply religious folks worship at the
Christian Church, the Methodist Church, or
Within the ivory sidings of the Oak Creek Church.
Each year the Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Attracts half the town to the American Legion Hall on Main Street.
But locals don't much visit the geographic marker these days.
It doesn't hold great meaning for them other than a minor
Tourist attraction,
Because the rest of the country doesn't hold their values,
Care about what's really important,
Or truly understand exactly what it means to be

© Poem Fix 2012
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