Bob Dylan's Truth

Dylan says we shouldn't care about the truth,
But rather what the truth should have been,
Could have been.
That's its own kind of truth, he says.
This freedom releases shackles,
Condones fabrication, fantasy and lies,
Proposes that fiction is stronger than reality.
Bob grants permission to create alternate realities,
Be better or different than who we are,
Modify our resumes,
Fudge online profiles,
Weigh less,
Be younger.
This is the difference between what we want and need,
Who we are and who we long to be,
A better lover,
More ethical.
And when we don't know who we are,
When we disappear into shadows and alternate narratives,
New truths, opaque and ethereal,
Pull us into delight and confusion.

© Poem Fix 2012 
Photo by Alberto Cabello from Vitoria Gaseteiz

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