Dumb Dogs

I'm told that the Border Collie is the smartest dog.
How do we know that and
How is it measured?
Because they are obedient and easy to train,
Or because other breeds are not?
I am jealous of Border Collies
Though I've never met one.
I suppose they are hard workers and protective,
Which is nice.
But I look down at my feet where my
Two Boxers
Are resting,
Waiting for me to rise so they can
Stand up,
Hoping I move toward the kitchen where
Yummy things wait.
They lead simple, uncluttered lives,
But I feel sorry for them
And I'm embarrassed,
Owning dumb dogs,
A master of imbeciles.
But they are my mentally challenged canines, and
I don't care how stupid they are,
My pooper butt face boys,
Perhaps smarter than I am.
At least we're similarly handsome,
Which must count for something.

© Poem Fix 2012
Photo by Poem Fix

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