Going Commando

The guys in the mail room pledged to
Go commando the next day
And be smug around women in the office.
So I went to work today
Sans underwear,
Leaving modesty behind.
I wore loose jeans so it might not be apparent,
A mistake because the rough material
Rubbed me wrong.
I walked down hallways with my hands deep in my pockets
To keep things in place
As much as possible.
When I saw one from our secret society,
We exchanged smiles, knowing glances, and high fives.
But I began to feel as if people suspected.
They were looking at my waist,
Sneaking peaks at mysterious bulges,
Awkwardly small or large.
I felt alternatively embarrassed and excited.
I hid from most people and perfected talking
While walking away from them.
At the end of the day, safe in my apartment,
I stripped off my clothes and showered
To wash away the ambiguity.

© Poem Fix 2012
Graphic by Gregory Connor

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