The Man in the Backyard

I looked out my window and saw a
Strange man in the backyard.
It was dark and he was dressed in black
But I could see him well enough,
Crouching behind a tree,
I locked my bedroom door,
Called 9-1-1, waited.
A crazy wind came up and blew through the yard.
A car drove by throwing a dusty beam of light behind the fence.
Dogs barked somewhere in the far distance.
I lost sight of the intruder,
Wondered if he slipped away to the bushes
Or moved close to the house where I couldn't see him.
I held my breath and listened for breaking glass,
But it never came.
Two officers arrived, inspected the house and
Found nothing.
This is the third time, they said, Go to bed.
When they left I went outside where the man had been hiding,
Wielding my flashlight, 
Hunting for footprints and my sanity.

© Poem Fix 2012
Photo by Mrmariokartguy

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